volta setup

The volta setup command will enable Volta by modifying the PATH for the current user (in a platform-dependent way) to include the Volta shim directory.


On Unix, volta setup will search for profile scripts using the following list:

For each of these files that exist, volta setup will modify it to include lines that define VOLTA_HOME and add $VOLTA_HOME/bin to the PATH environment variable. If the configuration file for your current shell (detected using the $SHELL environment variable) doesn’t exist, it will be created with the appropriate contents, if possible.


On Windows, volta setup will modify the User Path environment variable to include the shim directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Volta\bin).


The command has the following syntax:

Enables Volta for the current user

    volta setup [FLAGS]

        --verbose    Enables verbose diagnostics
        --quiet      Prevents unnecessary output
    -h, --help       Prints help information