volta run

The volta run command will run the command that you give it, using versions of tools that are specified at the command line.

Any tool that doesn’t have a version specified directly will have its version determined by Volta’s usual context detection, using the pinned versions in a project or the default versions.

The --no-yarn flag allows you to override that determination and force that no yarn is included in the environment when the command is run. Similarly, the --bundled-npm flag allows you to force npm to use the version bundled with Node and ignore any custom version.

Additionally, you can specify custom environment variables to pass to the command, using the --env NAME=value option.

The command has the following syntax:

Run a command with custom Node, npm, and/or Yarn versions

    volta run [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <command> [--] [args]...

        --bundled-npm    Forces npm to be the version bundled with Node
        --no-yarn        Disables Yarn
        --verbose        Enables verbose diagnostics
        --quiet          Prevents unnecessary output
    -h, --help           Prints help information

        --node <version>         Set the custom Node version
        --npm <version>          Set the custom npm version
        --yarn <version>         Set the custom Yarn version
        --env <NAME=value>...    Set an environment variable (can be used multiple times)

    <command>    The command to run
    <args>...    Arguments to pass to the command