Volta Commands

This is the command reference for the volta command-line binary, which has the following syntax:

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    To install a tool in your toolchain, use `volta install`.
    To pin your project's runtime or package manager, use `volta pin`.

    volta [FLAGS] [SUBCOMMAND]

            Enables verbose diagnostics

            Prevents unnecessary output

    -v, --version    
            Prints the current version of Volta

    -h, --help       
            Prints help information

    fetch          Fetches a tool to the local machine
    install        Installs a tool in your toolchain
    uninstall      Uninstalls a tool from your toolchain
    pin            Pins your project's runtime or package manager
    list           Displays the current toolchain
    completions    Generates Volta completions
    which          Locates the actual binary that will be called by Volta
    setup          Enables Volta for the current user / shell
    help           Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)