volta completions

The volta completions command will generate command completion information for your shell. It has the following syntax:

Generates Volta completions

By default, completions will be generated for the value of your current shell,
shell, i.e. the value of `SHELL`. If you set the `<shell>` option, completions
will be generated for that shell instead.

If you specify a directory, the completions will be written to a file there;
otherwise, they will be written to `stdout`.

    volta completions [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <shell>

    -f, --force
            Write over an existing file, if any.

            Enables verbose diagnostics

            Prevents unnecessary output

    -h, --help
            Prints help information

    -o, --output <out_file>
            File to write generated completions to

            Shell to generate completions for [possible values: zsh, bash, fish, powershell,