volta list

The volta list command allows you to inspect your installed Node runtimes, package managers, and packages with binaries.

The command has the following syntax:

Displays the current toolchain

    volta list [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [tool]

    -c, --current    
            Show the currently-active tool(s).
            Equivalent to `volta list` when not specifying a specific tool.
    -d, --default    
            Show your default tool(s).

            Enables verbose diagnostics

            Prevents unnecessary output

    -h, --help       
            Prints help information

        --format <format>    
            Specify the output format.
            Defaults to `human` for TTYs, `plain` otherwise. [possible values: human, plain]

            The tool to lookup: `all`, `node`, `yarn`, or the name of a package or binary.

For details on the design, see RFC #34.